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Your child 1-3 years

Pool: nothing beats the supervision of an adult

Each year, children still die from drowning in the family pool. The opportunity to recall the safety rules that are needed to protect children from drowning. Despite the prevention campaigns and the safety devices imposed by law, children under 6 still account for 15% of drownings, the second leading cause of death.
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Your baby 0-1 year

Small white buttons on the buttocks, what to do?

"I noticed lots of little white pimples on the buttocks of my 5 month old baby, what to do?" Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, a pediatrician in Paris, answers Léane's question. The answer of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris * The urine, the hyper acidity of the stool, the maceration inside the layers weaken the epidermis of the baby and favor the occurrence of a diaper rash, characterized by the appearance of redness with or without pimples in the seat area.
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Lorraine Derived from Laura, which comes from the Latin "laurus", the laurel. The name Lorraine was often attributed after the war of 1870 and the annexation by Germany of Alsace and Lorraine. His birthday: October 19th. Its derivatives: Laurane, Laure, Lauren, Laurence, Lauria, Lauriane, Laurianne, Laurie, Laurina, Laurisa, Laurence, Lore, Loren, Lorena.
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Ewen Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of the name: Celtes, Courts Meaning of the name: Celtic eoghain, "youth". Ewen and his variation Even are from Esus, name of the Gallic god of War. St. Ewen was an abbot of Rennes who was appointed archbishop of Dol. This decision had an impact on the independence of the Breton Church and that of the Duchy of Brittany.
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