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Protect him by car: a duty!

Protect him by car: a duty!

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A car seat set in a hurry, a harness that is not buckled ... Not so bad, do you think. Exactly so! These carelessness can cause serious injury to your child. For his safety in the car, be irreproachable.

  • According to the latest Institute of Moms and FPJ barometer of June 2016, 49% of children under 3 years old have already traveled by car poorly attached, if at all. However, car accidents are responsible for 45% of those killed in the 0-15 age group and 35% of those injured.

Too many bad reasons!

  • He is the flesh of our flesh, the apple of our eyes, and we do not attach our child by car. Funny paradox ... There are many hypotheses to explain this surprising behavior. First, the misconceptions that continue to circulate. "The mandatory use of the seatbelt dates from the 1973 front and the rear 1991. And it is only since 1992 that a law requires the use of a child restraint.
  • The obligation to attach by car is not so old and mentalities have sometimes struggled to evolve. Thus, for a long time, it was thought that ejection from the vehicle was preferable to being stuck in the damaged car. All the studies of accidentology prove that it is absolutely false, since the ejection multiplies by six the risks of being killed. But some resistance can remain, especially concerning the small child which one says that it will not be able to emerge alone, explains the specialist.
  • Another argument of non-attachment parents: it's only a short journey. One number to disassemble: 40% of fatal accidents involving children occur on a course of less than 3 km.
  • Fear of conflict with their child can also lead parents to yield on the belt. "In families, we have the habit of negotiating everything, and when there is a vital risk, negotiation can not be appropriate, we must be convinced!" Says Paul Barré, head of education the Road Safety Association. "Some parents see this obligation to attach their child as a constraint, an additional way to put a PV.All have not realized that it is only about saving lives!", Says Philippe Lesire of the LAB PSA Peugeot-Citroën-Renault.

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