Kit for girls 6-10 years: the pajama party

A pajama party between girlfriends, happiness for your princess! Tips for organizing, invitation card to send to girlfriends, recipe ideas and small games ... you will find in this kit everything you need to make this party a real DREAM!

In this pajama party kit

  • Tips for organizing this girls' party, an invitation to print.
  • Recipes worthy of the biggest parties between girlfriends (to eat in the room and with the fingers, why not!): Ibiza toasts, night-clubs with crab, rolled tenderness, choco-doudou cake, milkshake sweet dreams ...
  • Ideas for games and activities to spend an evening at the top, as the trunk with malice, but also ideas to organize a real beauty salon for your coquettes!
  • Download it, it's free!

Download the kit by clicking on the image below