The names of the children's literary heroes: Penelope, Camille, Léo ...

The names of the children's literary heroes: Penelope, Camille, Léo ...

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They share with happiness the daily life of our little ones. They smell strawberry, look like a giraffe or a koala ... But who are they? The literary heroes our children love! Penelope, Leo, Charlotte ...: discover the origin, the date of celebration and the derivatives of these characters ...

Camille (the giraffe)

  • First name mixed.
  • From Latin "Camillus" meaning messenger, noble child, it is probably of Etruscan origin. The word camilli meant the young Romans who assisted the high priest during the sacrifices.
  • Even if the male Camille (Desmoulins, Pissaro, Flammarion ...) are numerous over the centuries, this name tends to become totally feminine.
  • They are all celebrated on July 14, in memory of St. Camille de Lellis, a sixteenth-century Italian soldier who founded in Rome the Order of Servants of the Sick, at the origin of the Red Cross.
  • His party : the 14th of July.
  • Its derivatives: Camila, Camilla, Cammie, Kamilka, Millie.

Leo (and Popi)

  • Male first name.
  • From Latin "leo", lion. This name is a symbol of strength and courage.
  • Running in the first centuries of our era, Leo was later mostly used in Italy and the English-speaking countries in the Leo form.
  • In France, Leo was born at the end of the 19th century. This name has for patron saint Pope Leo I, who in 451 recognized the Virgin Mary as the mother of God and saved Rome from the hordes of Attila.
  • His party : November 10th.
  • Its derivatives: Lee, Leon, Lenny, Lionel, Leonce.

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