Childbirth at home

Faced with the environment deemed over-medical hospitals by some future mothers, some feel the desire to give birth at home. Is it possible ? Is it risky? Here are some answers.

  • Until the 1940s, most women gave birth at home. The hospital was reserved for the poor and, because of lack of asepsis, there was a great deal of puerperal fever, an infection occurring after birth. The tipping towards the hospital, cleaned up thanks to the discoveries of Pasteur in 1890, occurred after World War II, the need to repopulate France pushing the public authorities to reimburse the childbirth.
  • Today, in France, almost all women give birth in a hospital.
  • In 2009, 1% of the 820,000 French births took place at home. The trend of this natural birth seems to win the future moms. Whether it is following a first childbirth badly lived in hospital or to benefit from the frame of their home, they are more and more numerous to wish to give life to their home
  • Only liberal midwives deliver at home. This type of birth is only possible if the pregnancy is safe.
  • Only women with no pathology (80% of pregnancies are "physiological", that is to say, low risk) can claim to give birth at home. The liberal midwives have established a charter setting strict criteria: they refuse to give birth to women with a medical history (heart problems, kidney, diabetes, etc.), those who have already had a cesarean, those who wait for twins or whose child is coming by the seat.

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