My wife is breastfeeding and it bothers me ...

My wife is breastfeeding and it bothers me ...

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Breastfeeding upsets the couple's habits. But, by the way, what do men think about this erotic womb that has become a mother's womb? Survey conducted by ... a man.

Pregnancy heralded this upheaval, but birth confronts Daddy with a new obviousness: the breast, formerly partner of erotic games, has regained its original function: to feed the little man. The father has to share the body of his wife with his baby. From now on, it's "1 body for 3", as beautifully summarizes the gynecologist Claude-Emile Tourné. On this exceptional situation and the upheavals it brings, we wanted to know more, to give the floor to specialists and young fathers!

Breastfeeding: shared feelings

  • Between happiness to be father and jealousy. For a man, the period of breastfeeding marks the beginning of a new era that provokes shared feelings: he is, on the one hand, overwhelmed by the happiness of welcoming the fruit of love that unite with his wife and, on the other hand, he feels a certain nostalgia for the time when it was only him ...
  • It is during the first year of the child that these feelings are expressed most forcefully. Some men do not hide their trouble. "My wife breastfed for a year, it excluded me from the circuit.All her availability was focused on the child who never took the bottle," recalls Dominique.
  • These feelings are not surprising. "The man does not have the experience of pregnancy or breastfeeding, he has to accept that he does not understand what is going on in the head of a woman who has been carrying a child for nine months. Dominique Gros, senologist, but it is not because it escapes him that he must feel excluded. "

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