The nursery, how does it work?

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 51 tips to live well its way of guard", sold with the number of May of. Today, zoom in on the nursery.

  • You can rest easy. Whether municipal or community-based, community crèches are structures strictly controlled and regulated by the Departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs, Ddass, and maternal and child protection, the PMI.
  • Here, we will not joke with hygiene, safety, feeding your little Leon. If the capacity is variable according to the structures - from 15 to 80 children - the ratio of the supervisory staff is extremely precise: a nursery nurse or agent for five children who do not walk, and a nursery nurse or agent for eight children having walked.
  • Divided into three sections, Toddlers, Small and Large, the nursery will greatly contribute to the awakening, the acquisition of autonomy and the socialization of your child. Feeling reassured, it will soothe, your little cap! Suddenly, there is a good chance that the separation is going for the better.

Frédérique Odasso

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