Guilt? I forget it !

Every day, find one of the tips from the 5th issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 56 good plans to be a mom at the top in 2011". Today, our advice to do good.

  • Take time for me, okay, but what for? Go to the sports club, lick the windows with girlfriends, it's good. But I can just not do anything! I get used to stopping for five minutes a day, sitting on a chair and doing nothing: reading, listening to the radio, watching TV.
  • I let my mind wander and dive into myself, I discuss with myself. My brain has a vital need for those real moments of disconnection to recharge its batteries. I write these five minutes daily on my agenda, as a rendezvous.

I stay zen in the queues!

  • Can not let me go in such a context? I calm the game, and lower the heart rate. Rather than launching into a disaster scenario, I choose the optimistic version: the people in front of me will hurry a little, there will be no problem with the labels and the cashier will move up a gear. In a quarter of an hour, my turn should arrive.
  • After all, this scenario is as likely to be realized as the other, the one who sees me stuck for an hour! Just looking forward to events with optimism often helps to relax and let go. Come on, I'm having a good time!

Marie Auffret-Pericone

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