Your child 3-5 years

We bother him at recess

Your child is still back to school, probably because he was a little rough at recess time. Learn to discern the daily hassle of larger problems.

The law of the playground

  • Since the invention of the school, the playground has always been a little governed by the law of the jungle. You have to learn not to let your feet go, without trampling on those of your friends. Fights and other disputes are inevitable. Better, they are essential because they are the ones that allow the child to find his place in the group, to test his budding personality outside the house.

Do we bother him at recess? Listen to him

  • No way to evacuate the problem by telling him that he is old enough to fend for himself or by a quick "it's not serious". A child who is bothered often lacks self-confidence. He must know that he will find a friend ear at home. If your little one feels that he disappoints you, he may not tell you anything in the future ... even when the problem is serious!

Speak together

  • Take the time to interview him to get an idea of ​​what's going on. In any aggression, there is an aggressor, a victim and a situation. Ask him: who's bothering you? How did it happen? In short, conduct the survey to find out more. You may discover that he has only received in return the beatings he had given.
  • Telling the case in detail also allows him to understand the situation he has experienced, to take a distance, which he often finds it hard to do without your help.

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