Your child 3-5 years

Course for Disney

Disneyland Paris tempts your toddlers, but do you fear that they will not enjoy the attractions because of their young age? Here are some tips for a good day at Mickey's.


  • If you can, choose a weekday, rather a Tuesday or a Thursday to avoid the crowd, and of course outside school holidays.
  • The ideal way to visit this big park is to sleep on the spot the day before. Apart from the Davy Crockett Ranch Hotel, they are all a short bus ride or a 15 minute walk. This solution offers the huge advantage of giving you access to the park the next morning two hours before everyone! Ideal for toddlers who will be more calm. Be careful, these extra "magic hours" are only possible on certain days.

At table !

  • The lunch break is important to recover. Remember to book your restaurant. Either by phone a few days before, or at the City Hall on arrival, or at the concierge of the hotel if you live on site. In this case, it is best to return to the hotel for lunch and allow your children to take a nap.
  • Some restaurants in the park offer a visit of Disney characters during lunch. A good way to take a photo with Mickey or Woody without queuing.

The attractions

  • If you do not sleep on site, plan to arrive no later than 9:30 am to take your places. Better, take them in advance in agency or on the Internet. Be careful though, the tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
  • Once entered, many attractions are dedicated to children under 5-6 years, but some are difficult to access: the houses of Peter Pan (Peter Pan's Flight) and Buzz lightning (Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast) their will appeal. They offer free Fast Pass lines. Take at a terminal in front of the attraction that scans the ticket and issue a ticket where is noted a specific time of passage. Only constraint: you can only hold one ticket at a time. Then go to the center of the park where you will choose according to the affluence between Lancelot's Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Labyrinth of Alice in Wonderland, the Country Fairy Tales, the Cups rotating or the house of Snow White.

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