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Help him discover the fall

Help him discover the fall

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There are things going on in autumn! Leaves flying, mushrooms that smell wood, hot chestnuts ... Your toddler has such a capacity to be surprised at everything, it would be a shame not to enjoy ... to amaze him.

Nature: a nice lesson in life

  • By observing nature, your child approaches the major themes of life: birth, death, time passing. Teach him to look good. Put words on your observations, it will help to memorize the sensations and to constitute a pretty stock of memories of childhood ...
  • For example, did you point out that the days are getting shorter? Now when he falls asleep, it's dark! The last day of autumn, before Christmas (December 21st) is the shortest!
  • Draw parallels between nature and him: he now protects himself from the cold with a coat, a scarf, he likes to eat good warm mashed potatoes ... the small animals too are preparing to face the cold and gorget themselves with berries and nuts. In the forest, show him the cavities that would make a cozy nest for a host of the woods ... Tell him about the migratory birds that go far away to the warm countries and reassure him, all this little world will come back next spring!

Collect chestnuts

  • Or ? At the market until January. Not to be confused with the brown, all soft, all smooth, found on the sidewalk and which is not eaten! The chestnut is recognizable by these small hairs on the pointed side, prickly like a hedgehog.
  • What do we do with it? A country dinner! Your child will be proud to participate in the harvest. Show him how to choose: well bulging, hard, with glossy bark of a beautiful reddish brown and without small worms ... Cooked with water, crushed with a little butter and milk, they are very nourishing. He will love this autumn dinner, especially if you light the candles, for the atmosphere.

Raking leaves

  • Or ? In the forest or in the garden! He loves to tease you by throwing himself into this pile of leaves ... Explain to him that their green color is due to "chlorophyll", a learned word! It is made using light and, as now they receive less, the red and yellow pigments appear. Compare them: that of the chestnut, gold color, is as long as a feather. That of the oak turns red and it has plenty of ripples (make the turn with his finger). The horse chestnut is yellow and wide, we would do well a fan! That of poplar resembles an orange heart ...
  • Show him the ships, like a little skeleton and look up to also observe the structure of bare trees that appears since the leaves fly away ...
  • What do we do with it? A mobile. Collect these treasures: twigs, small pine cones, winged maple seeds and all kinds of leaves ... Using a large needle or punch, drill each element. Tie a knot at the end of a string and thread about twenty elements alternating light and heavier weights. Finish your garland with a wide loop. Compose four garlands of twenty items that you put in the loop to a branch. There is only to connect the two ends of the branch by a string. Hang it in her room ... until winter!

    Chestnuts, leaves, acorns, pine cones ... our fun DIY ideas!

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