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After Cars, here is Planes, the story of a small farm plane, Dusty, who dreams of flying in the big leagues! A new Disney animated movie that will appeal to your little fans of space.

What is the story ?

  • Every day, Dusty the small plane sprays agricultural treatments on crops. But he has many other dreams: to fly in competition among the big planes, his heroes! Except he is not the first to have ambition, he has never flown more than 300 meters and he is dizzy!
  • Dusty will call on a "coach", a Navy veteran, Skipper, who will help him qualify for the Grand Rally Tour du Ciel qualifiers. There, it will be necessary to fight against the formidable Ripslinger ...

What your little one will love

  • Higher up, further, your little fan of gear will love the stunts, in line with those of the film Cars, except that they take place in the air. But also the queasy humor of aerobatics aces from the four corners of the universe, including Ned and Zed, specialized in sabotage.
  • Like Cars, too, the little hero will receive life lessons from an old combat aircraft stuck to the ground following an accident during a mission. But by his freshness and his ambition, he will also jostle him and take him out of his loneliness ... A beautiful story of friendship between generations.
  • By Klay Hall, 1:32, in 2 or 3 D.
  • Where to find it?

Agnes Barboux

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