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Why so many of why? And how to answer?

Why so many of why? And how to answer?

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Why is the sky blue ? Why do we live? How are babies made ? Through his questions, your child often expresses real questions about the meaning of life! Our specialist, Colette Pericchi, clinical psychologist, helps you to decrypt them.

  • Your child has the gift of asking questions when you least expect them! These questions often hide questions that go far beyond their mere appearance. For your child, nothing goes without saying! No wonder he turns to you, his parents, holders in his eyes of a global knowledge on life. And you do not want to disappoint him!
  • It is especially between 2-4 years and 7 years that your child asks these uncomfortable questions. But the "scientific" answers (for example, the fact that the Earth is constantly rotating around the Sun), will only really interest him from the age of primary school. In the meantime, for its well-being (and your own tranquility!) It is better to know how to decipher the hidden meaning of these questions, especially when they are repeated!

Discovering Himself: "Where I was when I was not born, where will I be when I'm dead?"

  • Some variants: "When I was in your belly, I was already called Ariane?", Ariane, 5 years old. "You, too, one day, you will not exist any more?", Léa, 4 years and a half. "He has a mum the worm?", Alice, 3 years and a half.

What he means

  • Before 6 years old, your child's thought is mostly organized around his little person! For example, when he asks you, "How do we make babies?", He needs to know how he was made and if we liked him enough for wanting him ... Of course, the question is at first. first scientist: it's time to talk to him about love and the famous little seed!
  • Such requests often hide a larger question. "They are rooted in the young child's worry about his place in the world, he needs to check the solidity of his roots," notes Colette Pericchi. When your child wonders about the future of the Earth in the absence of the Sun, he may be worried about his own future if his parents (especially his father, this solar star!) Disappeared ... What is anguish shared by many children!

How to help?

  • Children's books are often a good starting point, especially if you are not comfortable dealing with issues around sexuality.
  • If he is struggling to be in a family "lineage", you will help him by tinkering with him a family tree with recent photos. Spotting "who's who" in the family will help him understand where he comes from.

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