Lice: the list of good products

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That's it ... lice too have made their comeback! This year, no question of letting you take the lead. To fight against these unwanted, there are effective weapons. Our selection.

Lice: the file

Selection updated on October 22, 2019

Lice: the list of good products (9 photos)

Orgakiddy hat

Malin, this hat stifles lice completes the care treatment and can cover all of the hair of the child. The lice are imprisoned and asphyxiation is guaranteed! Reusable hat. In silicone. Available in 2 colors: green and pink.
Price: € 2.90 (Orgakiddy).
In pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Pouxit FX spray

A spray without insecticide or alcohol spray on dry hair. It works in 15 minutes: € 11.90 (Pouxit FX spray laboratories Cooper).
Pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Lotion Extra Strength Anti-Lice & Nits Marie Rose

Without insecticide, this anti-lice product with a natural active ingredient demonstrates flawless efficiency, from the first application.Do not forget to treat the whole family, it's even better! About 15 €

Integral treatment Phytosun Arôms

A box with a lotion with ylang-ylang essential oil to prevent lice from developing and soothe irritation, a comb and a mild shampoo with lavender: about 11 € (Phytosun Arôms).

Anti lice comb Paranix

This metal comb facilitates the elimination of lice and nits after treatment and shampoo .: 5 € approximately

Radiant treatment cream Quiès

A lotion based on mild Dimethicone and coconut oil that eliminates them in one application: 11,90 € (Quiès).
Pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Apaisyl Lice Treatment

Without chemical insecticide, this lotion is composed of a microemulsion that will asphyxiate lice by obstructing the airways. 13,95 € (Treatment Apaisyl Xpert 100% Radical Lice and Nits).

Silikom Protect Lice Spray

A preventive spray with mango scent: 13 € approximately

EcoPrioderm Lotion

By working mechanically, the lotion stifles and kills lice in just 15 minutes. This product also contains a metal comb, very fine, ideal for extracting nits and dead lice.
EcoPrioderm 15 mn: 10 € approximately.