Name Adrianna - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Italians, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Variant Adrien's feminine, Adrianna comes from Latin Hadrianus, term for the natives of the city


French athlete Adrianna Lamalle and Franco-Austrian actress Adrianna Gradziel.

Among Adriana Adriana's celebrities Adriana Karembeu, Adriana Karembeu, Italian soprano Adriana Maliponte, Italian actress Adria Ugarte, Bulgarian actress Adriana Budevska (d. 1955), Adriana Brodsky from Argentina ...

An officer in the army of Emperor Galère, Adrien de Nicomédie fervently applied the edicts of the persecution of Christians established by Diocletian. However, around 306, he converted to Christianity, astonished by the courage of martyred believers. The emperor summoned him, tortured him, and imprisoned him. On discovering that matrons secretly treated the prisoners, Galère gave the order to mutilate them, and then to throw them into the fire. Adrien was the first to suffer torture. He also lost a hand, recovered by his wife Nathalie.

His character :

Overflowing with energy and imagination, Adrianna loves action. Her adventurous spirit and daring often lead her to explore unknown horizons, which is not always easy. Always on the move, it is often difficult to keep up. Adrianna, an extrovert, gives special importance to social exchanges. She does not hesitate to engage in discussions and is resolutely diplomatic.


Adriana, Adrienne, Adria, Adrine, Aenke, Adriane, Adryana, Adrianne ...

His party :

People named Adrianna are honored on September 8th.

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