Name Alexan - Meaning and origin

Name Alexan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Alexan is a masculine given name of Greek origin. This is the diminutive of Alexander.

The name Alexan comes from the Greek terms alexein and andros, meaning respectively "protect" and "manly". Alexan literally means a "virile and protective man".


No Alexan known so far, perhaps your little wonder will be?

Its original version Alexander nevertheless counts some eponymous celebrities:

Pavlovich aka Alexander I, Emperor of Russia, Alexandre Arcady, filmmaker and Alexandre Astruc, director.

His character :

Alexan has a cheerful nature and exudes good humor wherever he goes. Sociability is also one of its major assets. Her joie de vivre and her smile help her to easily bond with others. His many friends are faithful to him, because the kindness and kindness that are read on his face are sincere. Nice company, Alexan likes to be surrounded.


From Alexander, Alexan has many derived names, such as Alexandro, Alessandro and Alexandru.

His party :

Like Alexandre, Alexan is celebrated on April 22 in memory of the friend of Epipode so named. Alexander was Greek and Christian like him. Arrested, they were tortured to death before being buried together at the end of 177 or the beginning of 178. Alexan's other feasts: Alexan is also celebrated on the 15th of January in memory of Alexander, Bishop of Cappadocia in Asia Minor. Alexan is also celebrating May 3 in memory of Alexander I the sixth pope, elected in 105.

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