Name Allissia - Meaning of origin

Name Allissia - Meaning of origin

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Allissia is a variant of Adelaide. Composed of Germanic roots adal and hild, this name means "noble combat".


No Allissia celebrates so far. Your little princess perhaps?

Celebrities named Alicia, derived from Allissia, include American singer Alicia Keys, American actress-director Alicia Witt, American gymnast Alicia Sacramone, Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, American model and wrestler Alicia Fox, Spanish actress Alicia Rodriguez, Venezuelan singer-actress-model Alicia Machado ...

Saint Alice or Adelaide was born in 931. Daughter of the lord of Burgundy, she married Lothaire II, sovereign of Italy. After her husband died, she decided to marry Otto I, King of Germany. When the latter died, she was considered the regent of the kingdom. Taking advantage of many privileges, she governed with wisdom and generosity. She worked especially for the poor. St. Alice died December 16, 999 in a monastery where she had taken refuge.

His character :

Allissia is differentiated by its sensitive skin. It takes little to be happy. She knows perfectly enjoy the small pleasures of life. Full of common sense, she has a deep sense of justice and focuses particularly on the rules of morality.

Generous, Allissia loves to please her friends and family.


Alice, Alicia, Alessia ...

His party :

The people named Allissia are honored on December 16th.

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