Name Apollon - Meaning and origin

Name Apollon - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Apollo comes from the Greek words "apellos" meaning "who inspires" and "apollonios" meaning "god of light".


Apollo is the Greek God of the sun, arts and music and the son of Zeus and Leto.
The Apollos are celebrated on the same day as Apollinaire Franco. Saint Apollinaire or Apollinaire of Japan was a Franciscan priest. He was burned alive in Omura, Japan when he refused to leave the island despite orders from the shoguns.

His character :

Apollo is a calm and reserved boy. Shy, he lacks a little confidence in himself. Once he has been put in trust, Apollo will be very open. He is serious, honest, conscientious and has many moral qualities. Despite his patient, disciplined and persevering side, he sometimes experiences moments of doubt and worry. As a child, he will need you to open up to others. Not afraid of loneliness, he will tend to opt for a unique and privileged relationship rather than for many superficial friendships. Apollo is a sensitive boy, but that does not push him to spontaneity or to demonstrations of affection. He shows pride and pride in trying to fend for himself.



His party :

The Apollos are celebrated on September 12th.

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