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Famous Name - Meaning and Origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Augusta comes from the Latin "augustus" which means "majestic".


The Princess of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld Charlotte Augusta of Wales, the Irish-born and British-born French composer Augusta Mary Anne Holmes and the American author of children's books Augusta Scattergood.
Santa Augusta de Treviso is a virgin and Christian martyr of the fifth century. She was the daughter of Matrucus, the pagan leader of the Alamans. Augusta secretly converted to Christianity. Surprise praying by her father's spies, she was imprisoned and toothless. His own father passed it over the sword. She is celebrated on March 27th.

His character :

Serene and calm, Augusta is an active and determined woman. She always acts seriously and is down to earth. Augusta is introverted and only gives herself over time. His entourage often interprets his moments of reflection as absences or daydreams. Sociable and friendly, she can seem shy and reserved at first. Augusta is objective and likes to help others. She spends a lot of time studying her surroundings before acting. Augusta is very methodical and organized. Good pedagogue, she has an innate talent to transmit her knowledge. On the family level, she likes to please her family.


Augustine and Augustus.

His party :

The Augusta are celebrated on March 27th.

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