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The beach is not his thing ...

The beach is not his thing ...

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You imagined your toddler delighted to wade through the water and make pies. Deception, he does not seem to appreciate the beach at all! How to help him better enjoy the holidays?

The problem

The sand is hot, the sun is blinding. He hates his hat and gives cream. And the sea ... he's really afraid of it!

Who disturbs it?

  • You. You are upset, pleasure turns into chore.
  • Your child. He is grumpy, shame!


He reacts to a bad experience

Arrived on the beach, your toddler starts to show his disapproval. He obviously has a bad memory of yesterday ...

  • What has to be done. Be sure to respect the needs of your child. Avoid the hottest hours (prohibited beach between 11 and 16 hours). Choose light, light clothing or a UV-resistant swimsuit, sandals to insulate it from too hot sand, and a wide-brimmed hat. Do not forget layers and swimsuits. Plan enough fresh water to be offered regularly: a child does not know how to express his thirst! Take advantage of the last change to spread sunscreen, like a game and ... without the sand.
  • What to tell him. "I put cream on your nose ... You are doing your feet." "At the beach, you will look for me small pebbles soft?"

He does not like the beach because he's scared

Imagine high like three apples facing infinity or on a beach ... crowded! No wonder your child does not feel reassured.

  • What has to be done. Choose a strategic location, if possible the same every day to reassure it: sheltered from the rocks if it's windy, under a beach tent or a beach umbrella if it's hot. Try to get closer to the beach and install your toddler on a soft towel and in the shade. Spread his toys in front of him, offer him to play with the sand. Keep his stroller unfolded so he can rest if he wants to. He wants to stay in your arms? Why not ? It has all summer for dipping! Enjoy her long hugs, once in the arms of mom, then those of dad ...
  • What to tell him. "Look, we're under a striped red parasol, close to that big rock, and I'm here, near you."

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