Name Batiste - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Batiste is a derivative of Baptiste, derived from the Latin Baptista. This name comes from the Greek word "baptizein" which means "immerse", "dive into the water" or "administer the Christian sacrament". It is also the name of a fine linen fabric.


Baptiste Giabiconi, French singer and model, Baptiste Lecaplain, French actor and comedian, Baptiste Aloé, French footballer, Baptiste Trotignon, French jazz pianist.
What kind of celebrity will become your little boy?
The patron saint of the Batiste is Saint John the Baptist or John the Baptist, who was the cousin of Jesus Christ and the prophet who announced his coming to Earth. He is also the one who baptized him on the banks of the Jordan.

His character :

Batiste is a friendly and friendly boy. Warm and sociable, he can adapt to all situations. If he sometimes gets shy and lacks confidence in himself, he hides it pretty well. It is also a jack of all trades that shows great curiosity and a keen mind.


Baab, Balthazar, Bapper, Baptist, Baptistine, Baptistine, Batista, Batistin, Batistino, Batistoun, Bautisse, Bautista, Bop, John the Baptist, and Titoun.

His party :

The Batiste are celebrated on June 24th.

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