Chérazade Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Persians

Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Chérazade means "woman of the high city".


┼×ehrazat Kemali Söylemezo─člu is a singer-songwriter and singer of Turkish origin.
In the Thousand and One Nights tales, Scheherazade is an emblematic character since she is the heroine of her village. She is both the narrator of the story and the most cunning and intelligent character.

His character :

Sumptuous and dazzling, Chérazade is of unparalleled beauty. With her slender figure, slim waist and noble step, she rarely goes unnoticed. Sensual and feminine, she wreaks havoc around her. Perfect seductress, she never stays long single. Passionate about fashion, she likes to attract the eyes of the crowd. His highly developed independence can lead to complications with his (future) partner. She feels perfectly equal to men and can thus reveal a certain contempt for some men. It is not always appreciated by these.

Sociable and warm, she will tend to be suspicious when she is not in her usual element. Its fragile and suggestible side can make it very vulnerable. Her thirst for knowledge, her ambition and her creativity will lead her to the podium of success. Inspired by nature and intuitive, it shows a penchant for art and aesthetics. Moreover, she knows what she wants and does not shrink from any obstacle. Moreover, she knows what she is worth and demands that she be recognized accordingly.


Charazed, Shéhérazade, Shérazade, Sheilla, Sheena, Sheik and Shean.

His party :

There is no party for the people named Chérazade.

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