Name Corina - Meaning of origin

Name Corina - Meaning of origin

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Corina is a female given name of Celtic origin. It comes from the term "carent" or "kar" which means "friend".


In the political sphere, we find Switzerland Corina Casanova (member of the Christian Democratic Party), Romanian Corina Cretu (current European Commissioner for Regional Policy) and Switzerland Corina Eichenberger Walther (members of the Swiss National Council).
Corina Danila is a director and actress of Romanian origin.
Corina Katt Ayala is an American singer who became famous for her songs "Temptation" and "Whispers".
Corinna Everson is a professional bodybuilder from America. She won the title of "Ms. Olympia" for six years in a row.
Corina Căprioriu is a judoka of Romanian origin who won the title of European Champion in 2010.
Corina Morariu is a professional tennis player of American origin who rose to the top of the world ranking in women's doubles in 2000.
Saint Dioscorus is the patron saint of Cora, Coralie, Corinna, Corinne and Korinna. Following his refusal to sacrifice to the gods, he suffered martyrdom in Alexandria in 303.

His character :

Sensitive in nature, Corina is a woman who loves balance and harmony. It also has an inner strength that makes it effective against the harsh realities of life. Confident in what she undertakes, Corina does not lack practical sense and is independent, responsible and ambitious. She has an innate sense of justice that may incite her to rebel against any iniquity.


Corinne, Corinna and Korinna.

His party :

Like Saint Dioscore, Corina is celebrated on May 18th.

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