Name Emma - Meaning of origin

Name Emma - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Germanic heim, "house", or ermin, "big, powerful".
Emma is not the diminutive of Emmanuelle, but a full name.
During the High Middle Ages, several queens from France and England were named as well. Then, like many names considered too medieval, it knew a long period of darkness to be reborn in all Europe and to appear today among the most loved first names.


French actress Emma De Caunes, American actresses Emma Watson (Harry Potter), Emma Thomson Emma Stone and Emma Roberts.

A future actress your little Emma to you?

The patron saint of Emma is a wealthy eleventh-century German widow who donated her goods to the poor.

His character :

Emma flourishes perfectly in a warm and friendly environment. She loves the quiet pace of life, away from the pressure. Introverted in nature, she generally prefers to live in a quiet and peaceful place. For her, balance prevails at all levels. She is also distinguished by her wisdom and conscientiousness.


Emmie, Ema, Emine, Emy, Ema, Emmah, Eyma, Emilia, Esma, Emie, Emmy, Emmi, Emmi, Hemma, Hema, Emme

His party :

The Emma are celebrated on April 19th.

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