Name Ernest - Meaning and origin

Name Ernest - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

The name Ernest is inspired by the Germanic "eornost" which means "fight".


Prince Ernest-Auguste I of Hanover, the Archduke of the Holy Roman Empire Ernest of Austria, Baron Ernest Seillière.

A name worthy of a prince!

Graphic designer Pignon-Ernest, composer Ernest Boulanger, novelist Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway.

The entomologist Ernest André, the chemist Ernest Solvay.

St. Ernest was a German abbot of the twelfth century. He participated in the Second Crusade of Christians between 1145 and 1149 to return to the Holy Land.

His character :

Hidden under a severe air, Ernest is actually someone very generous. He is really interested in others and enjoys teamwork. He is usually the confidant of his friends. He is especially appreciated for his wise advice and great wisdom. Ernest is intuitive and logical, he learns quickly and does not hesitate to change his habits if necessary. He also knows how to lead others because they trust him. He has innate leadership and always encourages his loved ones.


Erno, Ern, Ernesto, Ernie, Ernst

His party :

The name Ernest is celebrated on November 7th.

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