Name Fatima-Zohra - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Fatima Az-Zahra is the name of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and his first wife Khadija. "Fatima" means "young camel weaned" and "zuhra" can be translated as "resplendent" or "bright".


The Algerian writer Fatima-Zohra, the Moroccan tennis player Fatima-Zahra el Allami, the volleyball player Fatima Zohra Cherif.

Saint Flore or Saint Fleur was a nun from Issendolusd Hospital in Quercy. She spent her childhood in a noble family of Corbie with her eight brothers and sisters. She adhered to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in which her integrity and dedication were admired by her peers. It is also said that she was capable of miracles until her death on June 13, 1347.

His character :

Fatima-Zohra is a proud and confident woman. She has a real talent for hiding her true personality behind a strong person image. In reality, Fatima-Zohra is sensitive and generous. Only people close to her will be able to perceive her deep nature. She hates repetitive tasks and prefers to engage in activities that stimulate her intellect. Thus, she likes activities that appeal to her creativity. Nevertheless, she enjoys working on something concrete and does not attach any importance to fuzzy theories. Fatima-Zohra will be tender and loving towards her family.


Fatma, Fatumata, Fatuma, Sora, Zhor, Zhora, Zora, Zorah, Zohre, Zorha, Zorra, Fatima-Zahra, Fatimeh-zahra

His party :

The Fatima-Zohra are celebrated on October 5th or May 13th.

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