Name Frederik - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Frederik originates from Fridric, its German version of "frid" and "ric" that is to say "peace" and "powerful". It translates as "the power of peace".


Frederik of Denmark, also known as Frederik André Henrik Christian Glücksborg af, is the crown prince of the throne of Denmark.
Frederik De Klerk was the President of the Republic of South Africa in 1989 who abolished apartheid in 1991 and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Frederik Peeters, a Swiss citizen, is known for his comic book scenarios and drawings.
Frederik Pohl, an American citizen, was a sci-fi writer.
Frederik Van Lierde, a Belgian national, is the triathlete crowned Ironman World Champion in 2013.
Frederik Willem is a Belgian cyclist, winner of the three days of the Panne and reconverted as sports director.
No saint bears the name of Frederik.

His character :

Frederik has an authoritarian character and loves action. His indecisive nature sometimes prevents him from completing what he started. Thus, he can review his position by measuring the risks that this entails. His charm and virility are the assets of this great seducer, but he can feel very strong feelings. He likes to please and be the center of attention. His freedom is precious to him. It keeps a certain distance from others and is of a reserved nature. He can sincerely confide in whoever knows how to reassure him. He has a flexible morality, is distracted and curious about everything. He will be fully involved in a job that interests him, such as marketing, a profession involving travel, affecting art, appearance, but especially a managerial position.


Fred, Frederigo, Fridrick, Friedrich, Fritz.

His party :

Frederik is celebrated on July 18th at the same time as Saint Frédéric.

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