First Name - Meaning and direction

Origin of first name:

Celts, French, Latins

Meaning of the name:

From the old Welsh "Gwladus", Gladie is most likely inspired by the term "gwlad" meaning "country". This name is considered a Welsh variant of Claudia and became popular after its appearance in the novel "Puck" of Ouida released in 1870.
Feminine Claudius, Claudia can mean "weak" or "crippled" in Latin. Claudius was the patronymic of a Roman patrician family, ancestor of several Roman emperors.


Gladys Knight (1944) is an American singer of soul and Rhythm and Blues.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's wife, Gladys Portugues (1957) is a former female bodybuilder and film actress.

Gladys Cohen is a French actress.

His character :

Gladie has a holy horror of injustice. From a very young age, you will notice that she is already very sensitive and altruistic, of the kind to defend the weak ones and to share her snack. Very far from angry temperament, Gladie is tolerant, patient and calm. Thus, she has a developed sense of friendship and human contact and is never contacted in vain. Helpful, helpful and generous, she does not hesitate for a second before giving time to her family. Young girl, Gladie is responsible and pleasant, although a little shy.


Gladys, Gladis, Gladisse, Glady, Gladys, Glaudia, Glawdys and Claudia.

His party :

May 18th.

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