Name Hanissa - Meaning of thumbs

Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

The name Hanissa is derived from the Arabic anise meaning "kind". It is also derived from the Greek term Agne resulting in "pure".


Still no known Hanissa. Your little princess may be?

Under her Anissa variant are: American actress Anissa Jones, Tunisian actress Anissa Daoud, French TV host Anissa Arfaoui, and Algerian-born French singer and comedian Anissa Stili.

Born in Rome in the fourth century, Saint Agnes died as a martyr, burned alive at the age of thirteen. She became for the Church a symbol of purity in having chosen death instead of losing her virginity. His relics were kept in Rome.

His character :

Affective and empathetic, Hanissa is pleasant to live. She does not hesitate to help her neighbor or those around her. Optimistic by nature, Hanissa never gives up. Friendly and kind, Hanissa is the source of appeasement for her family. Idealist and perfectionist, she tolerates no failure and always looks for the best. Sweet and friendly, she easily weaves links with others. Intelligent and creative, Hanissa is a true artist.


Anise, Anisse, Anissa

His party :

The Hanissa are celebrated on January 21st.

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