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Marcellin the Penguin Christmas

Marcellin the Penguin Christmas

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It was a cold duck this December, and Christmas was coming. But a cold duck is not very cold for a penguin. Marcellin was a wise and considerate penguin. He helped his mother fish for fish and never let her belong in the family igloo. So he waited for the arrival of Santa Claus with impatience.

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  • Impatience, and anxiety, because the books he had read had taught him that we had to comply with a specific ritual: Christmas night, he had to put his shoes at the foot of the fireplace. Now, chimney, there was none in his igloo! And have we ever seen a Santa Claus, gifts full of his hood, ringing at the door, like a vulgar seller of red coats?
  • Never mind, he was going to make one!
  • His parents left for several days of fishing, he took the opportunity to carry out his project. He cut blocks of ice that he dragged home to build a beautiful fireplace. Finally, he dug the roof that offered the channel an opening to the sky.
  • On their return, his parents went into raptures. "You are good, tell me," said his father. Too bad we can not use it, your chimney!
  • The little penguin did not answer. His father probably thought of the wood that was missing to light a fire. But Marcellin had planned everything. His friend Roch le cach had found a shipwreck under the ice. He had brought back some pieces of the hull, which had had time to dry since. They were now a pile of logs he had hidden in the back of his room.

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